Crystal Slippers

Originally from Israel, Crystal is a trained theatre performer and a polished Look Queen who made her debut on the Montreal drag scene in 2013. With her hilarious lip-syncs and archival knowledge of pop culture, she became an instant sensation in the French-Anglo Queer scene in the city. After snatching the titles of 'Miss Van Horne' (2014) and 'Miss Cocktail' (2015) her activity and public profile rose and now her appearances include the St. Ambroise Fringe Festival, OFF-JFL festival, and regular performances at venues throughout the city. Also, As of 2016, Crystal has been producing her very own cabaret evening, CRYSTAL PALACE, where she host (mostly) queer Montreal performers every month, in her loft. It is usually sold out. In 2018 she was featured in the second season of the CBC ART documentary series “Canadaʼs a Drag” representing Montreal.

"Growing up, I looked up at female role models rather than male role models in popular culture. I always connected more to the feminine narrative than the masculine one. In Drag I think that I allow myself, with the permission of my audience, to celebrate the power and possibilities that come with embracing the expression of a feminine heroin. Its not so much a statement about womankind, but more a statement about the power that lies in full unashamedgender expression. Drag is a subversive act against popular norms disguised as fun Friday night at the bar. " Crystal Slippers.