PR Office Captain

The Office Captain is an integral part of the PR team, running point on media accreditation and the PR office operations during the festival. Proficiency in English is a must; bilingual candidate welcome!

Experience working in arts, media, administration and communications is desirable. Highly effective communication skills (both verbal and written) is mandatory. Candidates must be able to work efficiently in a dynamic, fast-paced, and high-pressure atmosphere. They must have the ability to pay close attention to detail, organize schedules effectively, especially in a fast pace working environment.

Knowledge of Google Excel sheets, Google Word and Google Forms is a key asset. Must be an independent and strategic thinker who is a strong team player, and willing to take responsibility for project oversight. Must demonstrate an ability to cultivate and nurture working relationships with colleagues.

7-week contract: Start date: June 20 - End date: August 4


JFL Office pre-festival - weekdays, Monday-Friday, 9:30am-6:00pm ET

Full work week, including weekends and evenings during the festival – July 18 - August 5

Daily tasks include:

  • Assist PR Manager with daily administrative responsibilities;
  • Submit payroll sheets, invoices, collect and sort petty cash receipts, request and sort PO#s with the accounting department.
  • Assist with communication with fellow PR team members; and festival colleagues.
  • Manage media accreditation applications.
  • Work with Ticketing Coordinator to prepare report for PR Manager to review and approve;
  • Arrange press passes and implement system for check-in;
  • Manage media site
  • Office Captain will collect on required marketing assets media require (approved images, clips, bios) and regularly update the media centre with press assets.
  • Assist with press clippings pre and during festival
  • Daily searches for coverage; compile and catalogue clippings
  • Assist in daily and weekly clipping highlights report
  • Work with festival photographers to schedule daily call sheets with priorities.
  • Review daily highlights with PR Manager; then provide to the Marketing manager to coordinate efforts. Ensure photographer is booked and provided a daily shot list.
  • During the festival, deal with press inquiries to direct them to appropriate contact accordingly;
  • Work alongside Ticket Coordinator to manage and sort ticket distribution.
  • Manage media desk assignments between interns and ticket coordinator during the festival;
  • Notify all venue managers daily of any media accredited for shows that evening.
  • Properly catalogue each outlet in the master docket.
  • Attend festival performances when required by Supervisor; greet and oversee media relations on site to assist PR team;
  • Work with PR team to support marketing and social media initiatives involving for artist opportunities;

Apply now. Deadline to submit applications is May 31, 2022