Slava Polunin (en)

Slava Polunin is a Russian Master Clown legend, founder of the Academy of Fools (also known as Slava’s Fools Unlimited) and creator of the famed Slava’s Snowshow - the world’s most inspired and inspiring spectacle since 1993. For the past 40 years, Slava has been crossing all frontiers with his ever growing flock of “authentic fools”. He and his family have dedicated their life to nurturing and expanding the art of foolishness - through never ending playful practice. As a result, with his tribe of very busy fools - Slava has successfully reached out and touched the heart of millions of spectators around the globe, and there is no end in sight.

His theatre is known to grow out of the fabric dreams and Fairy Tales. Over the years, he has developed and mastered a tragic, metaphysical art of clowning by digging deep into tragicomedy to understand to what extent drama can be combined with laughter and apply it in a way that is captivating to a modern-day public accustomed to insane rhythms in an never-ending kaleidoscope of events, colors, sounds, “spaces” and “times”.

Slava has been loved in Russia since the 70’s when he founded Licedei clown theatre during which time he became a cultural icon who is highly regarded until now. During and since then, he has endlessly pioneered by creating numerous theatrical productions for theatre and street, has created many international festivals and carnivals combining dozens of the most inventive street companies, and has never stopped experimenting with films, books, gardens and foolish projects of all kinds.