Nigel Grinstead

Nigel Grinstead’s laid back charm and absurd takes on life have earned him the reputation of being one of the goofiest and most imaginative comics in the Canadian scene. His work ethic and jovial nature have landed him opportunities to perform at festivals like the Ha!ifax Comedy Festival, NXNE, Cottage Country Comedy Festival, No Kidding on iChannel, and here at Just For Laughs where he took a win at Homegrown Comics: an annual contest recognizing the strongest upcoming Canadian talent! On top of festival performances and countless appearances on the GTA comedy scene, Nigel has travelled coast to coast and can be heard on CBC and Sirius XM Radio. Nigel was also the recipient of the Tim Sim's Encouragement Fund, a prize for his victory at Cream of Comedy 2013, and was the victor of the 2014 Toronto Comedy Brawl as well as a finalist in Sirius XM’s Top Comic competition. Catch his comedy on stage, TV, or radio! 

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