Michael Aguilar

Michael Aguilar is currently producing partner to Jim Carrey in their Some Kind of Garden Media banner. Aguilar oversees the company’s entire slate, including upcoming productions True Crimes; award-winning documentary Rubble Kings, and Ricky Stanicky, to be directed by Peter Farrelly.

Aguilar was a producer and principal of Dos Tontos, where his ongoing projects include Mad Monster Party, Six Pack, The Brazilian, Did You Mean Murder, Miracle Workers and a feature adaptation of the Sesame Street franchise with director Shawn Levy. He is also executive producer of Cleopatrick, and served as President of Production at Mosaic Media Group prior to that. Additional production credits include The Crazies, What Happens in Vegas, Semi-Pro, Constantine, The Departed, Unaccompanied Minors, Henry Poole is Here and Patriotville.

Aguilar began his career in entertainment hawking tickets for Boston comedy clubs, then scored an internship at RKO Pictures where he rose to director of development overseeing the storied company’s massive library. As a creative executive at Paramount, he oversaw features including Face/Off, A Night at the Roxbury and Event Horizon. Aguilar spent six years running The Donners’ Company, where, he oversaw the development of the X-Men franchise, Oliver Stone’s Any Given Sunday, Out Cold and co-produced Richard Donner’s adaptation of Michael Crichton’s Timeline.