Jackie Fabulous

Jackie Fabulus, a native New Yorker from The Bronx, is a gut-busting, headlining comedian who uses comedy to entertain and inspire her audiences. Having survived her fair share of loves, tragedies, lessons and embarrassing moments, she comes with a message and a lesson that surpasses the stand-up comedy club stage and sets her apart from her peers. Before Jackie was the self-proclaimed Ambassador of Girls Night Out from the East Coast, a standup comedian performing to sold-out audiences all over Southern California, and a multifaceted entertainer, she moved to California to get a law degree and a husband. After successfully doing both, she realized that she was better suited to play a lawyer on television than to be one, and that the true love of her life is Stand-Up Comedy!

When Jackie isn’t dropping knowledge on laughing crowds nationwide, making television appearances, or developing her own brand of talk show with her team, you can find her acting, giving motivational speeches, and authoring a book. Her talents have helped her explore and transition into other mediums of entertainment, including writing and producing for television.

“As the guy who discovered Jon Stewart, Ray Romano and a bunch of other star comics I have a sense of who has ‘it.’ Jackie Fabulous has it. I’d watch her do just about anything legal,” said, Billy Grundfest (Founder of New York’s “Comedy Cellar”).