François Bellefeuille

François Bellefeuille’s comedic career started later in his life. After being a veterinarian for several years, Bellefeuille decided to follow his dream and enter L’École nationale de l’humour in 2007.

He was awarded the “Révélation” of the Year Award at the Gala Les Olivier in 2012. One of the most remarkable comedians of these last few years, the ex-veterinarian always charms his audience with his observation and unique vision - a surprising mixture of foolishness and intelligence. 

François hosted his first Just for Laughs Gala in 2014. That summer, Just for Laughs awarded him the Victor Prize for the Artist of the Year Award. He returned the following year in his second Gala where he presented his Kamasutra performance earning him the Victor Prize for the Performance of the Year Award. 

Bellefeuille's first comedy special was a critically acclaimed smash success - having sold more than 300,000 tickets, it earned him numerous awards and prizes: Comedy Special of the Year and Best Direction at the 2015 Gala Les Olivier, Bestseller of the Year in 2017 and Best Comedy DVD at the 2017 Adisq Gala. His creativity also gained high praise in advertising - he received the Créa Grand Prize in 2016 and in 2017, he obtained an honorary award for his work in advertising. 

François Bellefeuille is currently on tour with his second comedy special, Le plus fort au monde.