David Mandel
Some stuff you should know about David
  • David Mandel is showrunner and Executive Producer of Veep
  • He has been a multi-Emmy-nominated and multi-Emmy-losing writer for such shows as Saturday Night Live (92-95), Seinfeld where he wrote the The Bizarro Jerry (aka “Man-Hands”) and The Betrayal (the backwards episode with Peter Mehlman), Curb Your Enthusiasm, and even an episode of The Simpsons (“Treehouse of Horror XXIII” with Brian Kelley)
  • Also, Clerks: The Cartoon which got no Emmy nominations
  • He is the co-writer of such films as Eurotrip and The Dictator and if you press him on it The Cat in the Hat
  • In 1997, he won the Writers Guild Award for Seinfeld’s “The Pool Guy."
  • His directing credits include Veep, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Comedians and Eurotrip (uncredited)


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