Dara Ó Briain

Stand-up comedian and television presenter Dara O Briain is best known in the UK for hosting BBC’s Mock the Week, BlockBusters, Robot Wars, Stargazing Live, Dara and Ed’s Great Big Adventure and Dara O Briain’s Go 8Bit and most recently Channel 4 quiz One and Six Zero’s.

Dara’s last show Voice of Reason has been performed across the globe, touring in UK and Ireland, Scandinavia, mainland Europe, Australia and the Middle East. It was filmed and released as a BBC special in 2019.

In September 2017 Dara released his first children’s book Beyond the Stars’ (Scholastic), a hilarious journey through the solar system and our galaxy, it has been nominated for the Blue Peter Book Award for Best Non-Fiction. In 2018 the follow up ‘Secret Science – The Amazing World Beyond your Eyes’ was released to great critical acclaim. In 2020, Dara released his third children’s book ‘Is There Anybody Out There’.

Dara has also released five best-selling DVD’s with Universal Pictures. He will be on a world tour in 2022 and 2023 with his new show, ‘So Where Were We?’

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