Brittany LeBorgne

Brittany LeBorgne is a Montreal-based actress who is best known for her work on Mohawk Girls, an award-winning dramatic comedy series on Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN). Brittany received a nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy Series for her work on the show at the 2016 Canadian Screen Awards.

Brittany is from Kahnawake, a Mohawk community on the south shore of Montreal. Knowing she wanted to be an actor since she was 5 years old, Brittany enrolled in her community’s summer theatre camp, playing lead roles in Annie, Grease, Guys and Dolls, and The Sound of Music. She is still part of Kahnawake’s community theatre family today.

Brittany attended John Abbott College’s Theatre Workshop program and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Concordia University. After college, she landed small television and film roles, appearing in the Discovery Channel’s Accident Investigator, and in the 2008 Oscar-nominated film Frozen River, starring Melissa Leo and the late Misty Upham. Brittany now plays a lead role on Mohawk Girls, as the the uptight, secretly sexy Zoe. Mohawk Girls will be filming its fifth season this summer.

When she’s not in front of the camera, Brittany is behind it as a director, for APTN’s documentary series’ Dream Big and Working It Out Together III, as well as the CBC digital documentary series, Thunderblanket.