Brent Butt

Brent Butt was born and raised in the small farming community of Tisdale, Saskatchewan. Yet, mysteriously, a life of farming held little appeal to him. At the age of twelve, he saw a stand-up comedian perform on an afternoon talkshow, and immediately told his mother, “I want to be a comedian.” She told him to “Go do it outside.” He first performed standup in highschool, and at twenty he moved to the city to pursue it as a career. Within a year he was headlining top comedy clubs in Toronto, and within four years he was booked to perform his first gala set at Just For Laughs in Montreal. He went on to be named ‘Top Male Comedian in Canada’ and started writing and producing television. After being nominated for a Gemini Award, he was given opportunity to develop a TV show, which he did. That show - Corner Gas - became the highest rated sitcom in Canadian history, was nominated for an International Emmy Award, and the finale episode became the most watched scripted program in Canadian television history. All told he has produced over 70 hours of television, has written and produced two feature films, including Corner Gas: The Movie which sold out theatres across the country during an extended run. He still tours the country performing standup comedy, including a Gala show and a Solo show right here at this year’s Just For Laughs festival, but he’s back in the TV game. In fact, his latest TV project became the highest rated show in the history of The Comedy Network, and has started production on it’s second season. That show is called Corner Gas Animated. And that’s why we have him here on this panel.