Brandon Rogers

In recent years, Brandon Rogers has become best known for his sketches, where he impersonates various outlandish characters, often lampooning the stereotypes associated with those characters. Recurring characters include Grandpa and the characters of Angry Office (where Rogers plays Dorian) while other characters include hall monitor Helen, Deeno the Filipino, and a dysfunctional young mother in A Day With Mom. For his sketches he often goes out in public, dressed up, and acts out his characters, which has reportedly gotten him kicked out of various establishments. His characters all live in the same universe and reference each other in various videos. Recently Brandon appeared in a short directed by James Franco which can be seen on Blackpills entitled “Famous Potter” as well as the independent feature "Action #1" for AwesomenessTV. Currently Brandon can be seen starring in his own creation- Magic Funhouse his series on Fullscreen which has been ordered for a second season that will launch this summer. It’s an adult show about a kids show- a peek behind the curtain into the twisted reality of publics access TV.