Bobby Slayton

Bobby Slayton, the "Pitbull of Comedy," has been a formidable force in stand-up for over four decades, known for his relentless, unapologetic, and brutally honest style. Born and raised in New York, Slayton's sharp wit and fearless approach have set him apart, earning him a loyal following. His raw, aggressive performances tackle controversial topics with humor and insight, captivating audiences worldwide. Slayton's talents extend to film and television, with memorable roles in "Get Shorty," "Ed Wood," and "Curb Your Enthusiasm," as well as voice work in animated series. A regular at prestigious festivals like Just For Laughs, Slayton's comedy albums and specials, including "Born to be Bobby," showcase his razor-sharp humor and enduring influence. Whether on stage, screen, or behind the mic, Bobby Slayton's uncompromising style and unwavering commitment to his craft make him a true comedy icon.

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