Bill Posley

Bill Posley hails from a blue collar Massachusetts family but now calls Los Angeles, CA his home. He attributes his eclectic perspective on life to his family. His father was an ex- Black Panther who married a white woman from Jersey – need I say more. Bill Posley served as a soldier in the United States Army. Shortly after high school he was activated and sent to Iraq. After serving 15 months overseas, he accumulated all the footage he had taken during his tour and made a short documentary about his time in the middle east. The documentary got him into film school.  As a comedian he is an alumni from UCB, I.O. and Second City and has shared the Stand-Up stage with comedians such as Lewis Black, Godfrey and Joe Rogan. Fun Fact: he was also on "Survivor." Most recently Bill was a standout in the 2017 CBS Diversity Showcase, shining as both a writer and performer.