Amish Patel

Going back and forth as the first brown guy in Canada and the only Canadian in India, Amish’s life began as a classic fish out of two waters tale. From a young age he gained perspectives on both cultures and learned to deal with discrimination and xenophobia the best way possible, through humour. That’s right, Amish loved comedy from day one but he still got an Aerospace Engineering degree. Why? Why did Robert DeNiro become a cab driver before shooting Taxi Driver? A little something called commitment.

After literally becoming a rocket scientist, Amish made up for lost time in comedy by writing and producing his own sketch comedy show Fade to Brown. He produced sold out shows, gained tons of attention from NOW Magazine to the CBC and acquired the funding to executive produce a sketch comedy show for Rogers Television. After Fade to Brown, Amish focused his attention on stand-up and his online presence.  He built a loyal following, racking up hundreds of thousands of views on his comedy videos and becoming the host of Second City’s Diversity Night. Not bad for a guy who used to work on jet engines. 

Twenty-Sixteen was a great year for Amish.  He booked a lead role in a kids comedy with an Emmy award winning team, that just got picked up for two more seasons, a movie and will air on TVO, Amazon and Nickelodeon.  As a stand up he opened for a childhood SNL hero Tim Meadows as well as Iliza Schlesinger at the Danforth Music Hall.  His original sketch comedy show Melting Pot was picked out of thousands by Kevin Hart here at JFL.  Melting Pot was green-lit on the spot and is currently being developed with executives from Lionsgate & Kevin Hart's LOL Network