Adi Khalefa

Adi Khalifa is a stand-up comedian from Nazareth. To this day, he has done multiple stand up shows such as: Satandab mn eldohhok (2011), Adi khalefa show (2012), 18 wtahet (2013), Living in a movie (2014), Billiatchow (2016), and Mesh 3aref akbar (2017). Adi has also participated in movies such as: Bottle in the sea of gaza (2013), and The day my father died


He has also performed in multiple comedy festivals around the world. Opening for and participating with renowned comedians such as Bassen Yousef, Maz Jobrani, Pablo Friansisco, Ahmad Ahmad, Mo Amer, and Nemr Abu Nassar in local and international festivals like the Dubai Comedy Festival and The Arab New York Comedy.