About us

About us

We were born to laugh.

In case you haven’t heard, the Just For Laughs Group has evolved from our humble beginnings in 1983, to becoming the largest global player in the comedy industry. Today, we are continuously creating, curating and cultivating comedy. And we’re backed by big entertainment heavyweights such as ICM and Howie Mandel, as well as Bell and CH Group. 

We don’t just make people laugh. We make laughter. It’s our craft and our brand. Everything we say and do pushes the boundaries of laughter and comedy. Laughter is both our natural resource and the finished product we bring to the world, to make it a better place.  Not only do we do this with our festivals and touring shows, but also with fan conferences such as ComedyCON, industry conferences such as ComedyPRO, as well as hit shows including Gags and Humour Resources for broadcast, OTT and digital channels around the world. We also bring laughter with our audio label, Sirius XM satellite radio channels as well as our stylish HAHAHA Shop for everything comedy!  

With our festivals and shows, we are proud to be a force behind the world’s best comedians, from newly discovered talent to A-List stars, incredible artists that are successful because they resonate with specific audiences. We give them the platforms to reflect on the world - from politics to parenting - in a way that relates and connects to audiences like no other form of communication can.

All and all, Just For Laughs Group continues to pave the way for humour, insight and cultural change through premium, timely comedy aimed at diverse, evolving audiences.

Our mission

Laughter is serious business.

We know that laughter connects people to each other, and to new ideas. And we also know that there are as many ways to laugh as there are people and cultures, yet laughter is understood by everyone.  This is why we truly believe in the incredible power of laughter.   And this is why our mission is to spread laughter, worldwide.

Our values

We thrive on innovation, teamwork, integrity, passion, fun, and performance. (Which performance, you ask? Both! We’re here to entertain and get good results while we’re at it.)

Visit our team page to meet all the wonderful and devoted members of the Just For Laughs Group! 

Our team

Our people are what we value most.

Executive team :

Charles Décarie

President and Chief Executive Officer

Anne Belliveau

Chief Marketing Officer

Alain Boucher

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Marina Di Pancrazio

Chief Content Revenue Officer

Rajaa Faour

Senior Human Resources Director

Josée Gagnon

Vice President & Chief Legal Officer

Bruce Hills

President, Just For Laughs

Patrick Rozon

Vice-president & Chief content officer



Laughter is a serious business, come be part of it! Through teamwork, passion and performance, help us create funny moments. (Which performance, you ask? Both! We’re here to entertain and get good results while we’re at it.)



2101 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H2X 2T5
T (514) 845-3155

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