Sarah Tiana

Most recently, Sarah was featured on the big hit show Roast Battle on Comedy Central in which she was the runner-up in a field of 16 other comics here at the Just for Laughs festival. She is a regular on @Midnight, Chelsea Lately, The Josh Wolf Show, and a regular at “ignoring red flags.” She was also a writer for Jeff Ross and The Burn, host of the Roast of Justin Beiber Red Carpet, and host of the CMA’s Red Carpet.

These are the things you know about Sarah Tiana. What you don’t know is Sarah Tiana has been a “working” comedian/ex-waitress in Los Angeles since 2003. Originally from Calhoun, GA, Sarah's act emphasizes the thrills of growing up after “The War Of Northern Aggression” and trying to survive in the current battle of the sexes. She doesn’t call herself “single,” (she’s too old for that), she prefers to be called “sexually active.”

Sarah’s big break came after she was recognized for her "breakout performance" in Reno 911's 7th season. In 2005, she helped create a sketch comedy company called The Strait Jacket Society as a way to help young actors gain exposure while having fun (she has currently put over 500 actors through the program).

A downright ‘Merican, Sarah has done over 12 tours of comedy for the troops including Germany, Singapore, Afghanistan, Guam, Okinawa, and several Wounded Warrior Facilities. A trip to Iraq is highlighted in the documentary We Love You Mrs. Bevins. She has been a correspondent on The Soup Investigates as well as Love You, Mean It starring Whitney Cummings.

An avid sports fan, Sarah wrote for the ESPY Awards and the Rob Riggle NFL Segments on FOX. She can be seen at The World Famous Comedy Store, Twitter, and numerous unhealthy relationships in and around Los Angeles. She will never be seen in the three pilots she taped last year or be caught dead in the dress she wore on Craig Ferguson (it no longer fits).