Louis-José Houde

Louis-José is without a doubt one of the most outstanding French-speaking comedians of his generation. A true showman on stage, he has carefully carved out a place in the heart of the Quebec’s public thanks to his talent, his versatility, and his charisma. 

Recognized for the precision of his speech and his perfect timing, Louis-José has mastered the art of hilarious metaphors. He is the youngest comedian in Quebec to have sold over a million tickets throughout his career. His infectious enthusiasm attracted 302,668 people for his first show, Louis-José Houde (2002), performed 500 times all around the province of Quebec. The comedian returned in 2007 with a second one-man show entitled Suivre la parade (412 performances in just two and a half years, including five sold-out shows at the Bell Center, cumulating a total of 352,131 tickets sold) and once again received rave reviews from both audiences and critics. Winter 2012, Louis-José presents Les heures verticales, his third show, for which he has sold more than 367,000 tickets. In the summer of 2017, he began his fourth show: Préfère novembre, which he is currently touring across Québec. 

In addition to his numerous projects as a stand-up comedian, Louis-José also has several animation projects on television as well as several appearances in films. Columnist for the show Fun Noir (hosted by Normand Brathwaite) and star presenter of Dollaraclip (Musique Plus) and Ici Louis-José Houde (Radio-Canada), Louis-Jose once again showcases his versatility and the extent of his talent by brilliantly hosting several Galas Juste pour rire as well as the Gala de l'ADISQ - a gala that he will host for the thirteenth consecutive year next October. 

The comedian made a remarkable big screen appearances in Bon Cop, Bad Cop by Érik Canuel, a small role that corroborates his popularity. He returns shortly after this first experience with leading roles in De père en flic and Le sens de l’humour, both Émile Gaudreault films, as well as in Patrice Sauvé's film Ça sent la coupe. In 2017, he returns to cinema in De père en flic 2, directed by Émile Gaudreault. 

Recipient of numerous awards and distinctions (19 Olivier, 11 Gémeaux, 6 Félix, to name a few), Louis-José Houde's reputation is well established. With an inimitable style, intelligent verve and a fascinating energy on stage, this comedian has had continued success and constantly adds new projects to his already very impressive track record. A career and a model of success whose achievements have not finished surprising us.