Katherine Levac


A 2013 graduate of the École nationale de l’humour, Katherine Levac’s career took off quickly. Soon after graduating she won the En route vers mon premier Gala Juste pour rire competition. TV audiences quickly began to recognize her thanks to her exceptional performances in SNL Québec, which earned her first nomination for the Gemeaux Awards Gala, as well as with the docu-series Les 5 prochains. In 2015, she earned the recognition of her peers by winning the Olivier “Discovery” award. She appeared on MC Gilles’ TV show PaparaGilles, doing a pop culture segment, then joined the SNL team in the comedy sketch show Le nouveau show. She was also one of the stars of the comedy Like-moi! and the young people’s magazine Code F. With Velours, her first one-woman show, Katherine Levac shows her multi-levelled sense of dry wit, sometimes showing her sweet side, and other times being downright catty.