Xarxa Teatre - Veles et Vents

Xarxa Teatre - Veles et Vents

Montréal’s 375th is thrilled to be able to add a touch of magic to the Just For Laughs programming with the We’re Acting Out! performances.

Set sail on a spectacular voyage that features fireworks and high waters. As the sea shifts from calm to turbulent, experience an epic voyage aboard a beautiful ship that docks for poetic and touching moments.

“Veles et Vents” draws its inspiration from the work of Valencian poet Ausias March to present a sea spectacle as idyllic as it is apocalyptic, a sea that is a source of life and bridge to other cultures, but also a destructive force turned into a nuclear cemetery and often, because of catastrophic oil spills, the scene of raging fires. This contrast between shadow and light is transcended poetically by its imaginative scenery. Its captivating crew invite you aboard for a thrilling and mind-opening ride across the waters.

Authors: Vicent Martí Xar
Cast: Oscar Luna, Ferran Igual, Esther Anglés, Pere Martínez, Jordi Magnieto, Paula Escamilla, Manuel Ortí
Set Design: Amat Bellés, Carles Abad
Costumes: Maribel Peydró, Maribel Monleón, Xarxa Teatre
Pyrotechnic Design: Xarxa Teatre, Vicent Marti
Lighting: Christophe Le Bideau
Musical composition: Angel Ll. Ferrando
Production: Marina Vilar
Technical Director: José Angel Carrasco “el Nano”
Assistant Director: Óscar Luna
Direction: Leandre Ll. Escamilla and Manuel V. Vilanova
Photo credit : Josep Gil