Wet Picnic - The Dinner Table

Wet Picnic - The Dinner Table

Montréal’s 375th is thrilled to be able to add a touch of magic to the Just For Laughs programming with the We’re Acting Out! performances.

Meet the anti-Miss Manners of table etiquette. She’s elegant, well-spoken and oh-so-charming, but this hostess with the mostess has more than a few surprises in store.

Dinner table— Ursula Harrington Carrington Barrington Farrington Larrington takes you on a crash course in how to behave at the table. A surreal and playful show where all the guests learn a little something. With audience participation, lots of foody mess and a little dancing thrown in for fun! Ursula brings everybody together for a few (slightly skewed) lessons in decent dining and eating etiquette. The Dinner Table is a fusion of comedy, music, dance, clowning and absurd observations of social conventions.


Show credits

Original Performers: Judy Barrington-Smuts, Graeme Cockburn, Matt Feerick, Kelly Reayner
Director: Petra Massey
Designer: Adam Riley