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Just For Laughs Awards Show

With all the comedy superstars swarming around the city, hard at work making everyone laugh, it only feels right to make them walk the red carpet and laud them with awards. So join us as we celebrate the year's best comedy at the Just For Laughs Awards Show! The bubbly and baby-faced Pete Holmes hosts as he spreads his infectious glee to comedy’s best and brightest.

Comedy Person of the Year : Andy Samberg

Comedy Directors of the Year:  Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg

Stand-up Comedian of the Year : Bill Burr

Comedy Writer of the Year : Michael Schur

Breakout Comedy Star of the Year : Nathan Fielder

Best Comedic Short Film : Deep End (dir. Bill Plympton)

Appearing in:

  • Montreal


Andy Samberg

He’s on TV: starring as lead detective in FOX’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine

He’s part of boy band: member of the music parody band Lonely Island known for popular SNL digital short favourites like “D**k In A Box,” “Lazy Sunday,” and  “I’m On A Boat,”

He wins at stuff: Emmy award winning writer and Golden Globe winning actor

He gives life advice: guest speaker at Harvard Commencement 2012, but wasn’t granted an honorary degree or tenure

Seth Rogen

He’s charitable: Seth Rogen and wife Lauren Miller (along some amazing friends) started Hilarity for Charity fund as part of the National Alzheimer’s Association to raise money and awareness among a younger generation

He’s jack-of-all-trades: Made co-directorial debut with Evan Goldberg in Sony Pictures’ apocalyptic comedy, This Is The End.

Humble beginnings: Began his career doing stand-up comedy in Vancouver, Canada at the age of 13

He’s been in movies (lots of them): Starred in blockbusters like Superbad, Pineapple Express, Knocked Up and the newly released Neighbors 

Bill Burr

He’s on TV: played Patrick Kuby on AMC’s Breaking Bad

He’s the best: widely considered to be one of the best stand-up comedians in the world, just ask anyone!

He has a podcast: hosts the weekly, legendary Monday Morning Podcast

Michael Schur

What a resume!: wrote for Saturday Night Live, The Office and created Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine

He’s on TV: played Dwight Schrute’s crazy cousin Mose on The Office

Humble beginnings: became interested in comedy when he read Woody Allen’s Without Feathers at age 11

Nathan Fielder

He's viral: responsible for internet sensations such as "Dumb Starbucks" and "Pig Rescues Baby Goat"

He's on TV: star and creator of Comedy Central's Nathan For You and starred on This Hour Has 22 Minutesand Jon Benjamin Has a Van

Humble beginnings: started as a magician performing at children's parties and transitioned into comedy when he joined the Pointe Grey High School improv team with Seth Rogen.

Pete Holmes

He does hip things like podcasts: You Made It Weird recently surpassed eight million downloads             

He’s got comedy cred: The Onion AV Club named his debut comedy album, Impregnated with Wonder, one of the Top 5 best albums of the year

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I was a guest on the podcast ABOUT LAST NIGHT and I loved it. Super fun and funny fun! @adamraycomedy