Irrwisch - Wegenstreits Guests

Irrwisch - Wegenstreits Guests

Montréal’s 375th is thrilled to be able to add a touch of magic to the Just For Laughs programming with the We’re Acting Out! performances.

Love, mayhem and tuxes on stilts! Watch out, because these over-the-top gentlemen have a strange knack for leaving chaos in their wake …

Four touchy-feelies in tuxedos and white shirts that are drawn to everything that moves and who turn things upside down in a flash. Slowly, it dawns on you: something’s up with their gentlemanly air… The clothes do not always make the man! “Wegenstreits Guests” are men dressed in formal wear who cross boundaries and push limits, opening new horizons. They aren’t scared of anyone or anything, climbing up on balconies, trading bikes against furniture and loving every minute of the public’s adoration. They sow chaos and the public says “more, please”!


With Stefan Grassl, Stefan Novak, Rudolf Hebinger
Photo credit: Theatre Irrwisch