Albedo - Les Bigbrôzeurs

Albedo - Les Bigbrôzeurs

Montréal’s 375th is thrilled to be able to add a touch of magic to the Just For Laughs programming with the We’re Acting Out! performances.

A traveling show that follows you like a shadow. Be careful… because their next victim just might be you!

“Les Bigbrôzeurs” are two giant sets of twins (who look an awful lot like quadruplets) that are 2.5 metres tall with necks that stretch up to 3 metres to see even further. Wearing trench coats and fedoras, rubber boots and bifocals, they follow, pursue, observe, hide and surprise or mingle with the crowd, disrupting city life and watch your every move.

Naughty or nice, but most likely dumb, “Les Bigbrôzeurs” have no compunction about sticking their nose into any conversation or situation, all eight eyes riveted. You can’t help but watch their every move and are surprised to find yourself tagging along so you can laugh at their next victim… But next thing you know, they’ve turned the tables on you!