Sugar Sammy

Sugar Sammy is a charismatic provocateur who seamlessly hits on cultural, social and political themes with great charm and finesse. This allows him to connect extremely well with audiences on an international level.

He treats controversial subjects with rigor and aplomb which makes his appeal inter-generational. His show and ad campaigns in Canada have led to hundreds of media stories, and countless hours of public discussion and debate.

Ultimately, his comedy has changed the landscape of our cultural reality by confronting language and social issues like never before in an entertaining exploration of our cultural divide.

He has performed over 1500 shows in 28 countries in English, French, Hindi and Punjabi. His latest tour sold over 350,000 tickets. He appeared on special broadcasts on HBO Canada, Comedy Central India, CTV, Comedy Network and Showtime Arabia. Last year, he performed his hit bilingual show You’re Gonna Rire one last time in front of a crowd off 115,000 at The Just for Laughs Comedy Festival.

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