Stuart Goldsmith

He’s a charmer: Described as ‘a charming, expert stand-up’ (The Times), Stuart embraces a quick wit and fearlessness honed by his early career as a street-performer. 

He’s a lover: Surprisingly candid about his exploits, sexploits and textploits, Stuart likes to get his teeth into love, romance and the downside of getting what you want. 

He’s a comedian’s comedian: His always insightful and often inspiring The Comedian’s Comedian podcast shines a light on the darkest creative secrets of his fellow comics, and is much beloved by comedy fans, performers and industry alike. His three nominations for the podcast at the Chortle Awards have cemented its reputation amongst audiences and peers.

He’s a winner: Stuart has performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the New Zealand International Comedy Festival, where he won both the Spirit of the Festival Award and Best International Guest. 



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